Very nice (open source) project, both because of promoting Creative Commons music and the way the casts are created.


Git it

Time to say hello Git and goodbye to a clutter of experimental code directories and leaving in commented out legacy stuff, or making backups to revert to. Great stuff!
Been wanting to get into using some version control, and git drawed my attention. Today I did a little google and found this real nice and simple man page of gitutorial (gittutorial(7)) and I’m up and running in no time. I’m really surprised how easy it is.
Also like the little gui interfaces (git gui and , gitk). There are likely some nicer interfaces around, but nice to have a little click around (and like working on the command line anyway).
There are probably allot more functionality to discover, but as the thing is working and doing what I want it to. So what are you waiting for.. Go for it :)

Fast flash playback and no sound

I’m having an annoying problem that flash is somehow broken. Playback is very fast and there’s no audio. Having no flash is kind of nice, because it takes out the distraction towards of YouTube, ewtc. But I do miss being able to listen to Grooveshark (if your unfamiliar with it.. check it out; it’s Spotify but without the annoying adds), and watch some clips during off time.  Don’t know if it is related, but I have been messing around with JACK (which is great by the way. And you should really check it out if you want to do some cool patching/connections between programs).

This problem is still not fixed. I’ve tried reinstalling, replace it with gnash, reinstall the sound things (alsa, jack, pulse), but still no success. After some reading around, I think I’m going to have to dig into the configs a bit more, and solving this will be a bit more work then I hoped.

But lets look at it from the bright side; it will give be an opportunity to learn about audio on Linux. And that is why I love using it; sure you run into problems, but by solving them you learn more and more. And not by just applying some binary patch somewhere, but by solving the problem at the heart of it and improving the entire system.

to be continued…


Redirection to wordpress directory

Finally got around to setting up my site. I figured doing it in WordPress because I thought it would be relatively easy to create something nice. Well it did, after a quick install I was up and running.

The only thing I was stuck with, was the subdirectory that was used for the wordpress install and

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A Remix Manifesto

Just listening to the last Rathole radio show, which is a great internet radio show playing (mostly) Creative Commons tracks. (BTW if you want a nice and simple to read license for your creative work, check out the CC licenses (dutch version) )Among this week a very nice track of Girl Talk. Hadn’t heard of this artist before, but that is why I listen to the show :) The film “RIP: A Remix Manifesto” was also mentioned, because Girl Talk plays a central role in it. The movie is a documentary about remixing. Think free culture is a very nice idea, so this is definitely one for my watch list



Joined Google+ this week and, for the short time I’ve been using is, it looks very promising. Even though there are some disclaimers of it being in testing stage it is very slick looking, as I am used from Google.

Also the variety of privacy option it is very extensive, in general your personal data but also the way you share your post/photo’s/etc. Really gives me a more secure feeling versus the way Facebook goes about.

The biggest issue with initiatives like G+ is adoption by the general public. Although it is very nice to see that a lot of FLOSS (and geeky) people I follow seem to have jump on, it would be nice if it would extend to the masses. I have heard that the invite only format has been lifted, but haven’t had a change to check this myself (just PM me if you need an invite).
Hope people don’t mind making the (/another) switch to a new social network. A big plus though with anything the search giant does is the fact that there already is a large user base that can easily tap in.

Not sure what I could mention about it making this post more review like, just that it looks great and you most certainly check it out.
So what are you waiting for… hop on and put me in one of your circles


small SD speed test in R

TODO Needs some work cleaning up


Was wondering which method of computing the standard deviation of different variables in a matrix would be the fastest. Thought of a few and run a timed run of all the commands.

sd.test <- function(data,method){
         a = sqrt(diag(cov(data))),
         b = sqrt(diag(var(data))),
         c = sqrt(apply(data,2,var)),
         d = apply(data,2,var),
         e = apply(data,2,sd),
         f = sd(data),


for(method in letters[1:6]){
  cat(“speed analyses type:”, method, “->”,
      (system.time(for(i in 1:1000){
        sd.test(X.temp, method)

speed analyses type: a -> 2.419 
speed analyses type: b -> 2.29 
speed analyses type: c -> 6.385 
speed analyses type: d -> 6.13 
speed analyses type: e -> 6.663 
speed analyses type: f -> 6.604

Appears method b is fastest, meaning the winner is…  sqrt(diag(var(data)))