Joined Google+ this week and, for the short time I’ve been using is, it looks very promising. Even though there are some disclaimers of it being in testing stage it is very slick looking, as I am used from Google.

Also the variety of privacy option it is very extensive, in general your personal data but also the way you share your post/photo’s/etc. Really gives me a more secure feeling versus the way Facebook goes about.

The biggest issue with initiatives like G+ is adoption by the general public. Although it is very nice to see that a lot of FLOSS (and geeky) people I follow seem to have jump on, it would be nice if it would extend to the masses. I have heard that the invite only format has been lifted, but haven’t had a change to check this myself (just PM me if you need an invite).
Hope people don’t mind making the (/another) switch to a new social network. A big plus though with anything the search giant does is the fact that there already is a large user base that can easily tap in.

Not sure what I could mention about it making this post more review like, just that it looks great and you most certainly check it out.
So what are you waiting for… hop on and put me in one of your circles

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